Securing traces

Most of the oil paintings, works on paper and reliefs illustrated in this publication were shown in an exhibition of my work at the Kunsthaus Taunusstein in 2018. Mounting a retrospective exhibition covering a period of some sixty years set in motion a process of becoming more aware of the traces I have left in the form of my many drawings, my paintings and my artistic experiments over the course of that period. A development that is visibly and transparently shaped by things I experienced, felt and thought about, not so much in a linear chronological fashion as in parallel strands with unintended ripple effects.
Thus, I am securing evidence not only of the when and where of my life but also of thematic and pictorial concerns that exercised me and that go beyond the merely spatiotemporal.

Graphic works 1958–1968


Berlin 1958–1960

Spanish impressions 1959

Kassel 1959

Rochester, New York 1960–1961

Hvar 1963

Paris 1964–1968


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